HUG – Maternity


HUG - Renovation of the Maternity Hospital

The construction and renovation of the Maternity Hospital is planned in four phases.

Phase 3 has itself three steps:

Step 1 (Phase 3.1)

Hospital type building (maternity) and annexes (utility areas, laboratories). It includes: 1 basement, 1 ground floor, and 6 upper floors.

Completion in March 2010

Step 2 (Phase 3.2)

Addition of one level (locally two) to the building erected in Phase 1 in 1997.

Step 3 (Phase 3.3)

Ongoing. Demolition of the west wing and construction of a new building, attached to the two other ones. This will allow to bring together permanently the hospital activities. This step is meant to take place from automn 2012 to early 2015.

What will remain is Phase 4, the renovation of wings IV and V of the old Maternity Hospital.

Technical specifications of Phase 3

Reinforced concrete basement on a one-meter thick floor slab extending outside to create a courtyard.

Above-the-ground structure in reinforced concrete and steel frame, with flat slabs on load-bearing sheets, surrounded by a facade made of sandwich elements and insulating glass.

Canton Geneva - Department of Urban Planning / Constructions universitaires et hospitalières

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