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Presentation of the environmental engineering sector

Our environmental specialist team provides a wide range of services in environmental protection in the construction context.

1. Asbestos/PCB/PAH/Lead diagnosis  (example)

Detection of dangerous materials and substances such as asbestos, PCB, PAH or lead in existing buildings
In situ assessment, sampling, analysis and diagnosis report

2. Planning and monitoring of decontamination works (example)

Decontamination works on buildings containing dangerous materials and substances such as asbestos, PCB, PAH or lead
Site planning and monitoring
Indoor air measurement according to Technical Rule VDI 3492

3. Ground pollution assessment (example)

Sampling, analysis, pollution report

4. Solid waste management (example)

Industrial wastes
Advisory services on logistical, environmental and financial optimisation of waste management
Construction waste (renovation, demolition, new construction): site planning and monitoring
Planning and monitoring of solid waste collection infrastructure

5. On-site environmental monitoring of construction (example)

On-site solid waste management
On-site water management
On-site soil, air and noise protection
Monitoring of demolition works
Tracking of excavated materials and compliance checks on disposal procedures

6. Energy performance of buildings (example)

Energy audits
Thermal balance assessment according to Swiss standard SIA 380/1 and assistance in the building permit request
Calculation of the heat expenditure index (IDC)
Assistance in the Minergie label certification procedure

7. Life cycle assessment of buildings (example)

Ecobalance as decision support in the choice of building materials and of energy vectors (renewable energy)

8. Quantitative and qualitative management of waste water and storm water (example)

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