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Comprehensive audits

Involved in numerous construction projects, and concerned about a comprehensive approach in design and renovation, Perreten & Milleret SA offers new services in energy and building physics.

Our approach aims at streamlining the work time on site (measurements, sampling, mapping,...) and minimizing the inconvenience in buildings under use, in order to provide a GLOBAL assessment that includes:

  • Detection of pollutants (asbestos, PCB, PAH, VOC, lead,..)
  • Rehabilitation of structures and buildings:

– Diagnosis of exposed concrete facades and building shells affected by carbonation, proposals for restoration, costing,...
– Structural compliance checks on existing buildings, and if required upgrading proposals
– Various assessments of old structures

  • Thermal quality assessment of the building shell
  • Life cycle assessment of construction materials

Plaquette "Physique du bâtiment" (Download PDF document) in french

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