Grisoni-Zaugg Building


Grisoni-Zaugg SA/FTI in Satigny (Zibay) Warehouse – office – craft

Type of project

  • Building with four levels above the ground floor, and a basement.
  • The building is a warehouse for the storage of construction materials, with offices and industrial facilities, including:

- Basement: storage and car park (32 spaces)
- Ground floor: unloading area
- 1st floor: offices
- 2nd to 4th floor: commercial and industrial facilities

Technical spécifications

  • Walls and slabs: cast in place reinforced concrete
  • High-resistance prefabricated pillars
  • The building and surrounding structures are founded on pile and minipile foundations, due to the nature of the ground (old landfill made of excavated materials and construction waste)
Grisoni-Zaugg / FTI


Achievement period
2011 - 2013

diabolo design // website creation