CEPN – Nyon


CEP Nyon Senior High School

Type of project

Construction of a school, a gymnasium and an access tunnel under the railway line.

The school building includes 56 classrooms (984 pupils), a conference room, a music room, a cafeteria, various teacher facilities, and as a 200-seat auditorium (120 m2).

Technical specifications

  • The building has been erected in two phases: Phase 1 from 2011 and 2012, Phase 2 in 2013.
  • The excavation works required a sealed sheet pile containment to prevent any water infiltration.
  • The span in the classrooms is 8.00 m
  • The supporting structure is based on a reinforced concrete shell, giving the architect a great flexibility in shaping the lobbies.
  • The two phases are connected by the Bridge Building, linking the two wings with a 40-meter span without any middle bearing.
  • The walls of the Bridge Building are its supporting structure. They have been prestressed.
  • This building is founded on 40-m piles resting on hard moraine.
Canton Vaud, Service des Immeubles, Patrimoine et Logistique

Aeby et Perneger SA

Achievement period
2011 - 2013

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