Tranchée couverte de Vésenaz


Traversée de Vésenaz

Perreten & Milleret is partner of the ONLINE joint venture

Type of project

Cut-and-cover tunnel to create a 520-m underground section of the Thonon highway

Technical specifications

  • Tunnel length: 510 m, with two access ramps of 91 and 102 m
  • Phased construction of the two lanes, with continued traffic flow
  • Containment walls implemented as piled walls
  • 900 m road developments at surface level
  • Two lanes of 3.50 m each
  • Bottom and cover slabs in reinforced concrete


  • Site in urban context
  • Phased implementation
  • Narrow right-of-way
  • Continued traffic flow
  • Permanent access to adjacent properties
  • Permanent availability of utility ducts
  • Essential sewers
Canton Geneva - DETA / Collonge-Bellerive municipality

Achievement period
2011 - 2014

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