MSC - Mediterranean Shipping Company


Conversion and extension of an office buidling

Type of project

Conversion and extension of a nine-floor office building, entirely renovated through important alterations of the supporting structure.

Extension of the north front structure with addition of two basement levels.

New facade and canopy

Technical specifications

  • Various inside conversions

– Demolition of two load-bearing pillars on 9 levels

– Opening (12m x 5m) in the first floor slab

– Reinforcement of slab areas and pillars with carbon fiber strips.

– Antiseismic strengthening

– New underground corridor between the Rieu 14 and Rieu 18 Buildings, with matching structural strengthening

– Various new staircases

– Various new openings in the slabs and new load-bearing elements.

  • New canopy (8 m x 35 m), new steel and glass screen on the entire height of the building
  • Extension of the north front structure of Rieu 12 Building, on two basement levels and all floors
  • Reconstruction of the roof attica on Rieu 12-14
  • Special foundation works and excavation for the conversion on the north and east sides

Total SIA volume: 59,800 m3

Total building area: 17,900 m2

MSC - Mediterranean Shipping Company

Archilab SA - Pully

Achievement period
2008 - 2011

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